Microsoft Power Platform


Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is designed to help businesses like yours enjoy customized and automated solutions that drastically reduce both development time and costs. With the right tools, you can accelerate innovation and stay ahead in a fast-paced and competitive business landscape. Now, anyone in your business can turn ideas into low-code automated solutions that will greatly impact your daily operations and help meet long-term goals.



Enable everyone in your business to quickly build and share low-code applications with Microsoft Copilot and enjoy advanced functionality and pre-built templates and components. We can help you empower a citizen development community in your own organization, creating a maker-centered movement focused on developing business applications and rapidly launching new lines of business apps.

Enable fusion development at the intersection of low-code and pro-code to build powerful, connected applications as part of your application development framework thereby freeing up professional developers to work on higher-value, more complex work.

PowerApps makes customized apps more accessible and affordable than ever and with our expert help, we can help you design and develop powerful apps that drive all aspects of your business.

  • Remove common barriers to customized apps
  • Empower employees to turn ideas into app-based solutions
  • Quickly design and deploy valuable business apps
  • Turn your organization into an app development community

Power BI

Businesses are able to collect more data than ever before and Power BI helps to turn that information into actionable insights through data visualization tools. You can quickly and confidently make informed decisions based on the latest data.

  • Quickly understand data
  • Make informed decisions that drive your business
  • Turn big data into actionable insights

Power Automate

Fully optimize the power of automation tools to improve workflows and stop wasting valuable manpower on tedious and repetitive tasks. With Power Automate, we can transform your daily productivity with comprehensive automation capabilities that allow you to manage data, sync files, receive important notifications and much more.

If your business is being slowed down by cumbersome and inefficient processes, work with the experts at HudsonDigital to streamline tasks so that you can reduce time and costs, enhance productivity, and enjoy seamless integrations across all your platforms.

  • Improve clunky workflows
  • Increase efficiency while reducing costs
  • Free up manpower to tackle more complex tasks and drive innovation

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