The human mind is like a map: every fact you know is like an intersection, and every connection between those facts is like a road. When you know a lot about a subject, a big nest of intersections builds up around that subject until it forms a town; a metropolis if you’re a genuine expert. […]

In today’s digital age, a strong Web presence has become an integral part of a successful marketing strategy. In most industries, the Yellow Pages have become obsolete as consumers increasingly search online for solutions to their needs. Organizations that do not use the Web effectively are quickly falling behind their competitors, and it ultimately costs […]

In organizations of all sizes, operational breakdowns occur on a regular basis. Major issues such as a machinery malfunction on a manufacturing line are normally addressed fairly quickly. However, minor issues such as an inefficient workflow processes often go unnoticed for years. Whether the issue is major or minor, operational problems can have severe consequences […]

There is a lot of talk about outsourcing in corporate America today. When is it a good idea to consider outsourcing? Which tasks should we outsource and to whom? Outsourcing certainly offers several potential advantages, but at the same time, it is not without some pitfalls. In the leasing and financial services industry, for example, […]